Interstate Steel Company

a division of National Material Company

Interstate Steel Company (ISC) has been redefining value for over 70 years. Founded in 1946, and acquired by National Material Company L.P. in 1994, ISC continues to be a leader in providing steel services and highly engineered pre-painted products to the marketplace.

Interstate Steel Company’s VA/VE team includes some of the most experienced business professionals in the world, bringing proficiency and outstanding customer service to any project. Providing just-in-time logistical services to customers operating on critical-path production timetables or manufacturers seeking to reduce their inventory carrying and handling expenses, ISC delivers an acumen for innovative solutions that are right for you. A committed workforce, state-of-the-art processing equipment and warehouse storage capabilities make ISC the company to count on for future success.

Case Studies

Case Study One

By purchasing wider master coils in combination with three-up and four-up nesting configurations, Interstate Steel Company was able to dramatically increase material utilization.

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Case Study Two

Not only did our customer produce a higher quality part, they were also able to realize a larger than $1 million cost savings following the successful conversion from a post painted to a pre-painted end use application.

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Case Study Three

By utilizing VA/VE principles, ISC was able to leverage Interstate Steel Company’s global sourcing capabilities combined with our in-house metallurgical expertise to develop an off-shore specialty cold rolled steel.

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Why Choose ISC

  • Passion for exceptional customer service
  • Leader in Supply Chain Management
  • Customized Solutions to meet customer needs
  • State of the art processing equipment
  • Seasoned, energetic and committed workforce
  • Well known for developing Optimal Supply Solutions

What Our Employees Say

“What I like most about working at ISC is the people. To me, ISC has always felt like home. We are a team. Everything is done with the best interest of the team in mind.”

Angela Anstadt, CSR
“I like working for Interstate Steel because it is a great place to work, with good people to work with, who understand why and how things need to be done.”

Brenda Lackage, CSR
“Interstate Steel Co. has been a “home” for me for a long time. I enjoy the energy, the willingness the company takes to continuously improve and the people who work there. I find Interstate Steel Co. is a place where I can improve my knowledge, continue to learn, and personally help the company grow.”

Steve Dixon, Interstate Steel CSR
“It’s like a family here. We all work together and help each other out and do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.”

John Gifford, Director of Purchasing
“I love working for Interstate Steel because I love working with people to assist in the resolution of various challenges arising each day. Working in the steel service center industry has also allowed me the opportunity to practice my metallurgy degree and to continually improve my leadership skills while tackling these matters.”

Doug Bundy, Director of Metallurgy