ISC’s goal is to find the OPTIMAL and most innovative solutions that are right for you. Our assets are in place, fully functional, and growing. ISC strives to exceed your expectations in service, quality, and most importantly: value.

ISC: Leading by Example

From solving logistical challenges to using our metallurgical expertise to providing our customers innovative solutions, Interstate Steel Company understands that every detail matters. Our experienced team has a proven track record of resolving issues swiftly by utilizing our wide range of in-house capabilities and exercising a level of intuition that only decades of experience can deliver.

Grade Modification – Reduced Damage & Cost Savings

This one grade modification saved this company over $100,000 annually while also increasing their customer’s overall satisfaction with their product.

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Material Conversion – Cost Reduction

The total cost savings realized by our customer from converting from extruded aluminum to rollformed prepainted galvanized steel was in excess of $750K.

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Optimum Nesting Configurations – Lower Cost/Blank

By purchasing wider master coils in combination with three-up and four-up nesting configurations, Interstate Steel Company was able to dramatically increase material utilization.

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Pre-Paint Conversion – Cost Reduction

Not only did our customer produce a higher quality part, they were also able to realize a larger than $1 million cost savings following the successful conversion from a post painted to a pre-painted end use application.

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Product Change – Increased Customer Profits

By utilizing VA/VE principles, ISC was able to leverage Interstate Steel Company’s global sourcing capabilities combined with our in-house metallurgical expertise to develop an off-shore specialty cold rolled steel.

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Rationalized Logistics

The rationalized logistics provided our customer an annual cost savings of nearly $1.5M and earned Interstate Steel Company the business.

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